Commissioned Artwork

All character commissions will be done in Full Bodies at this time.

Any kind of tier down below will include a FREE gift!

Pencil Sketch - $25 ($12 deposit)

  • This will not have a background.

This is how all my drawings start out.  You will receive a roughly 5 x 7 pencil sketch on paper.

Inked Sketch - $40 ($20 deposit)

  • In this tier, you'll also get Pencil Sketch.

  • This will not have a background.

After I have done the initial pencil sketch I scan it into my tablet for digital inking.  Once that has been completed I print it out on art quality 8 x 10 photo matte paper with UV resistant inks.

Fully Colored - $100 ($50 deposit)

  • In thie tier, you'll also get Pencil Sketch and Inked Sketch.

  • Simple gradient background - FREE

  • Complex background - additional $10

Once the artwork is inked I finish the coloring and add the background in Adobe Illustrator.  The final product is printed at a professional photo lab on metallic paper.

Add Statuette To Color Commission - $10

If you are ordering a color commission you can also add a colored 8x10 statuette for an additional $10.

Don't want a statuette? I can have other products in by your request, however it'll still be an additional $10.

Want more than one product added to your colored commission? Additional $5+.

Commission Guidelines:

  • NO deposit refunds unless I can't finish the commission.  I will start the commission once the deposit has been cleared.  Any WIPs' (Work In Progress) I send to you will be watermarked, this is to prevent stealing my artwork after paying for the initial half.  I will not send out the commissioned print(s) and/or product(s) until the balance of the payment has been cleared.  After the balance has been cleared, I will take off the watermark and ship you the prints and/or products.  I have the right to refuse any commission I don't feel comfortable with.

  • I will try to accomodate your every request.  Be as specific with the details as you can be.  Pictures of your reference is a plus.

  • My usual turn around varies depending whether or not it's during the school year for me.  Keep in mind that this reflects on how much time I put into my artwork and the usual times are as follows:
  • Sketch ---- 7 days
  • Inked   ----  Time for Sketch plus 5 days
  • Colored ---  Time for Sketch and Inked plus 7 days

  • Please be open about my price ranges. It usually takes me a week to perfect the process of my artwork and I put a lot of love into them.

  • Only the Colored Commission option will offer products of your commission on them.

  • While making female humanoid characters is my area of expertise, I may take some male characters into consideration.  If you want me to make 2+ characters in a single piece of artwork or on two or more separate pieces on artwork, then the commission will take longer than the usual time.

  • No changes to requests after the deposit has been made.  All sales are final.

  • Tips are optional, but always appreciative.

  • Simple single colored backgrounds or colors that are in a gradient (ex. light green to dark green like a shade) are free of charge, however complex backgrounds, like if the character is in an open field with realistic objects (trees, shrubs... etc.) in them, are $10 more to your option.

  • OK sword-like weapons, Mostly female humanoids (with some exemptions to males) and humanoids with mecha parts similar to HyperDimension Neptunia, humanoids with animal ears and/or tails (Like Chibi-Neko herself).

  • NO weapons, lewd, yaoi/yuri, mechas (ex. Gundam), semi/realistic human or animals, or furries.

  • Keep in mind that when you order a commissioned piece of art you will be receiving a physical print shipped by mail.  I am not responsible for lost mail, but when your commission has been delivered you think there's an issue then talk to me so I can help you out.  I do not send out any digital images (png, jpeg, pdf, etc.) of the artwork.  These commissions are intended for personal use.

  • If you like my services, please share the love so that everyone can have a chance to enjoy what Chibi-Neko has to offer.
page last updated March, 03, 2021