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Sabotencon 2019

September 01, 2019

I am back for another great weekend at Sobotencon 2019 in booth A64.  Please stop by and see me.  Mention this post for a free sticker with any purchase.  I also have these Persona 5 Collages on sale for $15.

Persona Collage

Also, I've moved my online shop over to Etsy - please take a moment to check it out.

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Booth at Saboten Con 2018

October 05, 2018

Another great year for Chibi-Neko!

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Last Day at Taiyou Con for the Second Year!

January 07, 2018

What a great way to start off with the new year, Chibi-Neko has met some friendly faces and had great success with her booth. She is glad to meet all that came.

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The Last Day of TaiyouCon.

January 08, 2017

Chibi-Neko was glad to see everyone at the convention and hoped everyone had a great time. :)

First Day at TaiyouCon!

January 06, 2017

I'm having fun here at TaiyouCon. If you`re there, I am at table 55, come stop by to say hi.

October already?

October 03, 2016

September went by so quick. :o

By the way, I'm also proud to announce that my website is now on the third page in the google search engine when looked up as "graphic anime artist"

and as always, thank you all for your support that you have giving me! :D ^^



I can draw anything anime and video games. I started drawing on paper black and white (no color) when I was eight years old. I was making lots of Sonic the Hedgehog characters at the time (I was a real big fan of Sonic, and still am) and began to get better at around fifteen. Then, I was making Harvest Moon characters since my interest changed. Recently, I became interested in digital art. I didn't realize how easy it was to erase, color, and modify creations with a simple click. Now that I tried out digital art, I don't want to go back.

What program I use? Adobe Illustrator, however I sometimes use Photoshop as well.

What tools I use? Wacom Intuos pen and touch small tablet, and an ordinary pencil, pen, and drawing paper.

My favorite anime is Pita Ten, Attack on Titan, and especially Hyperdimension Neptunia as well as I love Vocaloids. Favorite games are anything from Nintendo, Sega, Capcom, and such.  More specifically game franchises like Sonic, Monster Hunter, Mega Man, Earthbound, Five Nights At Freddy's and many more.

And of course, all fanart characters go to their respective owners. I also tend to make up my own characters as I go, I hope you'll like them.

Currently I am working on my Digital Media Arts degree and hope to see you soon at an Artists Alley booth at an upcoming anime convention.

Chibi-Neko ~ Lm :)

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